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I'll stop upload game

2017-04-11 02:12:46 by benjachok

I'll stop upload more game but i'm still keep on update the eternal knight arena.

And anybody tell me why my eternal knight arena have just 2 star. Is that game very bad? I spend 1 week to  develope that game and my hand was get pain because i draw a lot of detail on every item in that game.

No more upload

2017-04-06 10:42:00 by benjachok

I think that i am bad at create a game , my game always ruin by a rude people.

sorry for every thing i did. good bye new grounds and good bye every one who act very kind to me ^_^

I decided to edit every thing in my newest game and testing , here a few screen shot


Thanks you guy for reading this and thanks to my fans.

i'm working on my new and biggest project called RISE OF HEROIC and it will not be fail like infection war.

i'm not care about how people will rate my demo version that i will release soon but i care about the full version.

this full version need to download from my new website and i'm working on it too.

here is a few screen shoot


Game information

You will play as a brave knight who going to the front line of knights and dragons.While you are going you can visit arena or kill the big creature in boss arena and many where else.This game including PVP simulator(or bot thinking like player in PVP arena)


sign your name in this comment below once the game open who signed will receive the gold armor and gold helm and golden sword.



2016-07-21 10:32:14 by benjachok

finally my newest game is out thanks you guy for read this there are not many people read my profile.

if you wanna play it check it out on my newest game on my profile or click this .have fun.


you can see more information new character or new mode click here

code for mutant war

2015-09-19 13:22:43 by benjachok


code is 54671

code for mutant war

2015-09-19 12:06:13 by benjachok


thanks for over 200 view for this game mutant war

this is code for ultimate gas mask "714764"

enter and play now!

code for mutant war

2015-09-19 06:49:58 by benjachok


this is code for ultimate mask of dead "16625"

enter this code and play now

new website from me

2015-09-18 11:47:49 by benjachok

click here to view infection war 4